Cloud Services

Cloud Services

 Cloud Services are services accessible over the Internet. Generally, they require no server or hardware infrastructure, expensive software licensing, backups or on-going support costs. As a rule, cloud-based services are paid for by subscription on a monthly basis and all you need is an internet connection.

If you are setting up a new business, moving to a new office or your old server is due for replacement; now is the time to review the benefits of the cloud. Until recently any business with more than one employee would probably consider installing a server which can be an expensive resource, but now there is a cost-effective alternative providing a fully featured solution aimed at small businesses.

Bishop Consultancy take the risk out of moving to the cloud. We are a local, established computer consultancy providing services to small businesses. We use established, trusted suppliers and have direct administrative access to manage the services, which means we can respond to your support and questions immediately, rather than having to send an e-mail to log a support call with faceless support desk in another time-zone.

Moving your e-mail to the cloud will remove the need for your own email server, significantly reducing the size, power and complexity of your server, backups and support, reducing the cost without losing any functionality. Migrating to Office365 or Hosted Exchange will provide significantly more features than most ISP provided email, especially when it comes to security and encryption, helping improve GDPR compliance.

Having moved your e-mail to the cloud, you would only use your server for sharing files. The amount of data you store has reduced and the data you need to backup has reduced. So now, you can backup your files over the Internet to our online backup service and you no longer require expensive backup software, unreliable tape drives or tapes.

So why keep a server in order to share a few files? If there are only a few employees, perhaps some work from home, different sites or hotels then you may be able to work without a server at all. Bishop Consultancy’s cloud storage services allow groups of users to securely share files between PCs, laptops, Phones and tablets over any Internet connection.

So now you don’t need a server and all your services are cloud based. What you do need is a fast, reliable Internet connection. ADSL is the most cost-effective Internet connection for the small business in the UK, but it can be unreliable and it is not always fast. Bishop Consultancy works with numerous service providers to provide the most cost effective and reliable solutions for accessing the Internet. From ADSL, Fibre internet services, wireless services, cellular and leased line connections, we will work with you to implement the best possible combination of services to balance risk, performance and cost.

Why not move your phone system to the cloud as well? You can have as many incoming lines, extensions and geographic numbers as you like; IVR, Voicemail, music on hold and call transfer to a VoIP handset or software phone on any Internet connection. You can have staff working at different locations answering the same incoming calls and transferring calls to each other. No line rental, low cost calls, low monthly subscription; significantly cheaper than any in-house phone system. All you need is a reliable Internet connection.

We also provide fully managed domain registration and web hosting on our own UK-based web servers. We will take the headache out of domain ownership, registrations and renewals and consolidate all the services. We can provide various affordable web hosting services to meet most requirements. We will also provide a fully featured, easy to use, template-based website design suite so you can get your website up and running in no time at all.

All of the above services are backed up by our first-class consultancy, advice and support, provided by experienced small business support consultants. We offer various flexible support agreements and can assist over the telephone, remote-support and on-site. We can become your IT department or provide your existing IT team with additional resource and expertise as and when required. Talk to us before you spend money on IT equipment or services, we can advise and guide your business on all IT related issues.

Cloud Services:

Hosted Exchange
Cloud Storage
Shared Network Drive
Online Backups
Cloud Telephony
Website Hosting
Domain Registration and management

Plus Internet connectivity:

Leased Line
Cellular (4G & 5G)

We don't blind our clients with complex techno-babble or jargon, we make sure they understand the decisions they are making with clear, straightforward explanations.

Our clients say we are professional, prompt, reliable, freindly and affordable, but don't take thier work for it, find out for yourself and book a free consultation.


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