Wireless Survey

Wireless Survey

Whether planning a new wireless network, extending an existing network, joining multiple buildings, covering an entire campus or resolving issues with coverage, a wireless survey will identify the areas of concern such as dead spots and interference from other wireless networks or other general interference from electronic equipment.

Wireless Healthcheck Survey

Wireless Healthcheck Surveys are conducted on existing wireless networks to create a visual representation of signal strength, noise and interference of the entire wireless network across the site. Not only do they demonstrate where the signal is strong and where it is weak, but they also show where interference is strong, often identifying the source.

They are most useful for visualising the coverage of a new wireless network, post-installation or to asses the coverage of an existing wireless network before upgrading or expanding.

Wireless Healthcheck Surveys are conducted on-site and the surveyor will use a wireless spectrum analyzer to take readings across the entire site and then represent those readings on a colour heatmap, super-imposed over a floorplan.

The report will highlight any issues identified and offer recommendations for reslution.

Wireless Heatmap

Diagnostic Wireless Survey

Diagnostic Wireless Surveys are conducted by our surveyor on-site and are intended to indetify and diagnose issues with existing wireless networks.
The surveyor will utilise a number of different tools, depending on the nature of the issue being investigated.
Diagnostic wireless surveys can help resolve; poor connectivity in certain areas or across the site, identify interference, defective configuration and defective access points.

Predictive Survey

Predictive Wireless Survey

A Predictive Wireless Survey produces very similar results to a healthcheck survey based on building construction and layout. Where a full survey is not possible or practical, a predictive survey can prove very accurate.

Predictive Wireless Surveys can be conducted without a site visit if the floorplans provide enough information on the building construction.

Predictive surveys are ideal for assessing how many access points will be required for coverage and where to place them. However, predictive surveys can only be used as a guide and will not identify cable routes or interference.


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