Wireless Survey

Wireless Survey

Whether planning a new wireless network, extending an existing network, joining multiple buildings, covering an entire campus or resolving issues with coverage, a wireless survey will identify the areas of concern such as dead spots and interference from other wireless networks or other general interference.

Wireless Surveys

A wireless survey is useful before and after any wireless upgrade, to make sure all required areas are adequately covered.

We carry various network survey tools including full spectrum analyser for 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz frequency bands. We can produce a signal and interference heatmap overlaying a floor or site plan.

The eaxmple to the right shows how hot-spots and cold spots are easily identifiable.

Interference can be shown in exactly the same way, so locating the source is usually quite easy. 

Wireless Heatmap
Predictive Survey

Predictive Surveys

A Predictive Survey produces very similar results to a standard survey based on building construction and layout. Where a full survey is not possible or practical, a predictuve survey can prove vary accurate.

Predictive surveys are ideal for assessing how many access points and where to place them.

Design and Installation


With many year’s expeprience installing and troubleshooting wireless networks we can design and install many wireless solutions. 

  • Design and Specification
  • Cabling and Installation
  • Configuration and Support

We work with SMEs, education and installers, taking the guesswork out of wireless!



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