Wireless Installations

Wireless Installations

Green field installations and retro-fits, we can handle the infrastructure networking, cabling, installation, configuration and commissioning. Our teams of professional installers can work in office hours (minimising disruption as much as possible) or out of hours.

Educational, commercial and large domestic wireless networking.

Educational Wireless Installations

We have extensive experience installing and supporting wireless networks in educational establishments, primarily secondary and primary schools. We understand the complexity and demands of large, managed wireless networks with the density of devices and significant peaks in traffic.

We can also provide detailed and comprehensive wireless surveys before and after any wireless installation to ensure the required coverage is acheived.

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Commercial Wireless Installation

From single access points to mesh networks and large managed networks, we can survey, design, install and support.

We can also provide short and medium range site-to-site wireless links from 100Mb to many gigabits. Why pay for an expensive leased line if wireless will reach?

We have experience in office units, office blocks, schools, warehouses, retail and outdoors.

We manage all necessary cabling including copper, fibre-optics and electrics, minimising mess and disruption.

Wireless Access Point

Network Upgrades

Modern managed wireless networks often require significant throughput between the access points and the backbone. We can survey the entire network (wired and wireless) and provide a detailed and comprehensive report recommending a clear upgrade path minimising dissruption and taking existing infrastucture into account.

We can then undertake the required upgrades to infrastrucre, cabling and fibre-optic links to future-proof the wireless investment.

Domestic Wireless Installation

Whether upgrading your network from a single wireless router to cover more of the house or connecting a garden office or outbuilding, our engineers are discreet and tidy and very experienced at minimising mess and damage to existing decor.

We can start with a wireless survey to establish the cold spots in wireless coverage and then provide clear and impartial advice on the best steps to upgrade.

Large Home

Certified Ubiquiti Enterprise Admin

Although we work with many wireless manufacturers we specialize in Ubiquiti Unifi access points and teh wider product range.

We are certified UWEA installers, so you can rest assured we have the experience and expertise to design, install and support your Ubiquiti wireless network.



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