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IT Network & Computer Support

Bishop Consultancy have a team of very experienced IT consultants.

We can support everything on the network, including: PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, operating systems, application software, peripherals, networks, wireless, firewalls, switches, servers, email, databases, DNS, websites, VoIP, cloud services and more.

Bishop Consultancy can become your IT department or supplement existing IT skills or services (we build bridges not walls). We can also plug the gaps between existing skills and services.

We often provide second or third line support service as a life-line to busy or stressed IT support teams. Sometimes just talking through an issue with an experienced consultant is enough to refocus and re-energise an IT support technician whose been bogged down on an issue.

We will take ownership of issues and see them through to resolution. Even if the issue may involve expertise from multiple disciplines or even third party IT companies, we will manage the resolution, to avoid the client getting caught in the middle of two or more third parties blaming each other.

Bishop Consultancy are very flexible and have various support packages from ad-hoc support to fixed price deals.


We can become your IT department or complement your in-house IT staff, providing a 2nd or 3rd line support service.

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